Acer A200 Simple Root V3 96 ((EXCLUSIVE))

Acer A200 Simple Root V3 96 ((EXCLUSIVE))


Acer A200 Simple Root V3 96

I was looking for a new method to disable the booting from the acer recovery so that i could safely root my acer before .Q:

Classifying $\mathbb{Z}_5[i]$ over $\mathbb{Z}_5$

I think the minimal polynomial of the complex number $\sqrt[5]{3}+i\sqrt[5]{2}$ is $x^5-3x^3+2x$ over $\mathbb{Z}_5$.
I want to understand the following, is it correct that I can express $\sqrt[5]{3}+i\sqrt[5]{2}$ over $\mathbb{Z}_5$ as a linear combination of $1,i,i^2$?
The minimal polynomial over $\mathbb{Z}_5$ is the smallest polynomial $g$ such that $g(\sqrt[5]{3}+i\sqrt[5]{2})=0$, and the minimal polynomial of $\sqrt[5]{3}+i\sqrt[5]{2}$ over $\mathbb{Z}_5$ is $x^5-3x^3+2x$, hence $\sqrt[5]{3}+i\sqrt[5]{2}$ is algebraic over $\mathbb{Z}_5$ and can be expressed as a linear combination of $1,i,i^2$


The minimal polynomial over $\mathbb Z_5$ must be of the form $x^5-ax^4+bx^3-bx^2+cx-c$ where $a,b,c \in \mathbb Z_5$. The minimal polynomial of $\sqrt[5]{3}+i\sqrt[5]{2}$ over $\mathbb Z_5$ is a polynomial of the form $x^5-3x^3+2x=x^5+x^3+1$. So you want to find $a,b,c\in \mathbb Z_5$ such that $a+b+1=3,\;a+c=2,\;b

. weekly 4.7896. Weekly 5.2474 2020-04-05T11:25:00+00:00 weekly..daily 0.3578. Daily 0.6905 2020-04-01T17:52:00+00:00 this is a custom v3 root method that is by far the best method i have found. its works very well on my Acer A200 and v4. its best to do is to backup any data you have and wipe the default android data(DON’T BACKUP TO MTP), and then install a new rom(I recommend ROM 2.1 4.0 base)..

. 60 root 29.0932. 60 root 0.7993 2020-03-25T00:01:00+00:00 60 root 0.7992 2020-03-24T23:57:00+00:00 60 root 2.7224 2020-03-24T23:57:00+00:00 60 root.daily 1.1223.daily 2.4042 2020-03-19T15:03:00+00:00 дед болдей Сад папита Фиђи ветх ХСМепа артонуÐ

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