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Siemens AG is one of the world’s leading electrical engineering companies, offering solutions to the energy sector, industrial as well as applied automation systems, as well as power and building technology. As part of SINTEF, it is also an equal shareholder in Skyscan and Q-Ray, and the innovation partner of the innovation laboratory Lemeulen. In addition, it is the first company to bring solar power to space: satellites.
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Fluids, isotopes, plasmas, fluids, whether you are an expert or a student, as this book is perfectly matched to you. You will find fascinating facts from everyday life. You will find simple and very understandable explanations of basic scientific principles as well as sophisticated and very accessible texts on techniques of laser science.

Be warned: In this book, there are no discussions of physics beyond the undergraduate level, and references are only made to the most useful monographs on the various points raised.

Quotes from the book: This book is ideal for a first course on plasma physics as the form of the presentation and the many applications described are likely to bring fresh insights to many readers. An excellent and very readable introduction.

Quotes from the book: This concise book describes a wide variety of plasma physics methods and offers many great ideas for experiments. Very readable and with enough basic physics to get many people started.

Quotes from the book: Many of the later examples involve plasma physics in the light of new insight and technology which can be introduced in a way accessible to a general audience. Volume 1 is very well organized and covers all the methods described by the author. Volume 2 is the most compendious and complete description of experiments yet. Another benchmark book.

Fluids, isotopes, plasmas, fluids, whether you are an expert or a

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