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Downloading files from addons download site is now much easier than it was years ago as the site is now run under proxy servers and the users can access the site even though it is hidden from the general public. The site is constantly updated and in addition to this it doesn’t require any registration to use. The site is very popular with its users and offers a lot of content.

This is a better alternative to the common Softpedia as it has better content, better features, and it also has the added advantage of free software downloads. The website looks more professional and it is also easily accessible. It not only gives you a lot of content but the content is of high-quality. Thus, if you are a software hunter or enthusiast, this is the best website for you.

On top of that, some cracker software have trojans in them. Just like a virus, once executed, it can do a lot of harm to your PC. It shouldnt be too difficult to scan your download before you install it. If you accidentally download a cracked program without scanning it first, It may do a whole lot of damage to your computer. Your operating system may not boot, youll get errors, and its really hard to fix because youre not a software guru.

Start with a BitTorrent client. To be more specific, use the uTorrent or the Transmission-BitTorrent-Client. You can choose your client for downloading if you want to. Or, if you want to get it for free, go to Reported Piracy and disable the option that helps you