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That said, its very difficult to get legitimate software other than torrents. Anytime you use a malicious software download site, you run the risk of getting a virus. This is very common with warez sites. Do you want to run pirated software or the latest video game, or some kinda software just to get a virus?

Next, its good to understand the differences between P2P and Direct-to-User before deciding how to find torrents. A downloader can be a peer; it may share the data with other peers. Software distributed on direct-to-user sites is almost always legitimate and safe. Its convenient to give a direct link to the software. You can find out if a direct-to-user site is legit. In the web site, make sure the specific link points to a download page.

The term piracy covers a wide range of illegal activities, ranging from outright theft of copyrighted works to unauthorized use of software, music, and other intellectual property. The use of software without paying for it is the most common instance of piracy. In 2014, $13.4 billion worth of goods were stolen from retailers in the United States alone, up from $12.6 billion the previous year.