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It’s illegal to crack software and distribute copies of it without express written permission from the software publisher. The punishment for doing so varies by country and jurisdiction, but in many cases it can mean a fine, or even prison time. Although it can take time, research the legalities of your area before downloading software from the Internet.

Ideally, cracked software is for personal use only. Although, there is a risk of the malware inside the file doing something you don’t want. The same law states that cracked software is against the law. As always, ensure you read the terms of use agreement to find out what they allow you to do with the cracked software you download.

Go back to the random file and drag it into your file, and then go back to your original file and delete that one as well. If you follow these steps, you should have the correct file for you to crack using the software you want.

After this process is complete, close the file and copy the crack to the location of your choice. The crack file will replace the original crack file. Now if someone did in fact try to crack the file, they’ll only be able to use the cracked version of the software. They can’t activate the program if they are not the program owner.

Remember, always be careful when downloading software from the Internet. Never follow links from an unknown website, especially when you have an unknown or unverified email address. Hackers will send links from their website so that you will download malware. Stay away from them, and always follow the steps we’ve listed above.