Best Site for download CrystalCPUID [Mac/Win] 🔍

Angry Birds is one of the most well-known game franchises, so it’s not that surprising to see that the Angry Birds Store is one of the best ways to buy and download all the different Angry Birds games. Its selection is vast, with top titles from the console and PC, plus Android and iOS.

The Nintendo Eshop is packed full of some of the best games Nintendo has to offer, and that includes retro titles as well. Browse by category, as well as some of the games’ characters—Mario, Donkey Kong, and so on.

This is our most used website, it enables users to search for any games available in any sites on the web and torrent it instantly. In most of the cases, the game is clean when using this website. If you find any issues, you have to search for the problem game and try to torrent another copy of it. Thankfully, they have quality game files and are well-maintained. The only downside is that you have to choose your platform (PC, console, etc.) then select the torrent type, to specify the mirror you want.

Developed by Viktor Moreno, DHT is one of the oldest torrenting website around and works just like others with manual user submission of links. First, you register and then submit the link of the game you want, this will allow to use your connection and get faster download.

Naptum is another reliable torrenting website that is kept up-to-date with new titles all the time. You will need to select the game you are interested, then go to the search bar in the header, and then scroll down to the list of all the games that you have.
If you click the actual game, it will load all the information, including the download link. To get to the download link, find the file that you need in the list and click the “Download” button.