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This page allows you to download the full size of the App in a zip file. This is useful if you dont have the time to download the file on a computer or if you dont have it installed. Of course, the app is not as good as the original. As a workaround, you can also download and unzip the apk file from the Google Play store.

You can download the game from the Google Play store, but that wont give you the full version of the game. Instead, you need to download this app on your PC, and follow the instructions here. The file is located at The app allows you to download the game from Google Play, but will enable you to download the full version.

If youre in search of cool stuff then hipu is a good choice, but if your looking for a huge library of games, its unlikely that youll find something of interest here. The site has a few search categories, one of which is “adult games”, and while it doesnt seem to have a huge collection of games, it does come up with some interesting stuff, if you are willing to dig through it.

Slype has lots of games of various kinds and sizes, ranging from iOS to Android games and DLCs to full titles. They are sorted by date of upload and the first page is the most recent, so that you can browse new releases only. The site has a nice homepage and detailed categories – such as “Games for kids”, “Games for download” or “Games for Android and iOS”.

Its a bit hard to browse here, so download all of them and then share them. We should mention that this site is all about Action games, so you should check other sections in case youre looking for a different kind of game. Personally, I love a challenge. Its another one of those sites that never disappoints you.