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Do not download cracked games. You might end up downloading malware or viruses. If it seems too good to be true its probably a scam. Be careful about what kind of data you are downloading. It could have spyware and make your computer vulnerable.

Some people are inclined to exploit the cracks and mods of their games. If you are unsure about the online reputation of someone that you are downloading from, read reviews of the site and the person’s name. If you can tell from their reviews or the site they are hosted on that they are reputable then go ahead and download. Torrents are a great way to get your hands on the newest game updates.

Keep in mind that when you download a crack, mod or get free games from a torrent site you are putting your computer at risk. This is because the files you download could be malicious and could affect your computer. It could also get infected with viruses that may harm your computer, making it run slower. If you are going to download a cracked game or mod, make sure that you have a virus scanner installed and regularly scan the files that you have downloaded.

Ninite is simple. The website presents you with a list of popular programs to select, and you check the boxes for all the apps you want. Then, clicking the download button will give you a custom installer file that bundles all the selected programs together, allowing you to install them in bulk.

With the basic search function, you can search by genre or developer. From here you have a good chance of being able to find what youre after. This isnt quite the best torrent site out there, as its a little bit more complicated than usual, but it does have great content. Youll find a great range of cracked pc games here, you just have to be careful.