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GameJolt is a game downloader that doesn’t limit you to one platform. GameJolt allows you to download your favorite games for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, PS3, PSP and Nintendo 3DS. It also comes with a powerful mod search tool that allows you to find mods and download them from any game available on GameJolt.

Bittorrent is the most popular P2P software used for file sharing on the Internet. It was originally developed in Sweden as the BitTorrent Client. As the name suggests, it is used to share files from one computer to another. The files are divided into small chunks that are sent from the sending computer to the receiving computer. Users use this program to download files that are distributed via BitTorrent.

WifiSearcher is the only Wifi search application to list the details of all your networks in one place, showing all your connected WiFi hotspots and their detailed locations. WifiSearcher keeps track of all your local connections, letting you quickly jump to the place you are looking for. WifiSearcher also has an extensive database with information about your connected devices, along with useful information such as important information about the device (serial number, model number, etc.), download counters, and more. WifiSearcher allows you to create custom profiles for each device, making it a powerful tool for finding all your connections.

File Sharing Software is the one of the best web sites to download crack for game files. Apart from that it provides the list of cracked games and drivers, and many more. You will find you a list of cracked game files and drivers like PSP, PSP2, FIFA13, FIFA14 etc.