Best Site for download EPUB To PDF Converter Software 🠪

Sunset is a little more of a bargainous route, but because it’s a bit simpler. The site is just a big list of the most popular software, so the prices usually look reasonable. Plus, you can see which site offers each individual product, and see the license terms.

You can download Android apps on Windows or Mac OSX machines via the Google Play website. Like the other options, you can choose to install an app in its entirety or get a zip file containing only the bits you need. Just remember to import that into your PC or Mac.

Gameloft is one of the most popular Android game publishers around, and you can download their apps on Windows or Mac OS. Most of them also have Google Play stores, so you can sideload the APK instead of downloading one from their site.

This site will actually download the specific game you want in its entirety, as well as all of the required files, so you don’t need to download one file at a time. It’s a little tricky, but if you’re desperate to get a game, it’s a great option.

We’ve picked the best download sites for your Windows software needs. A simple Google search will bring you to tonnes of sites where you can download most software titles for your PC. For cracked and hacked versions of software and programs, there are many good options. The websites below are best for macOS and Android software as well, but we’ve listed that for you.

This was an extremely hard list to put together. There are plenty of cracked game sites on the internet and we had a bit of a battle pitting sites against each other. We tried to ensure that the top sites for cracked games were safe, secure, and best of all legit. We also ranked each site by downloading speed and high quality of cracked games.