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It is a shared-ware download site where you can download cracked apps from. These cracked apps are free to download and use. There are over 1700 apps available here, and if you want to check out more about these apps, there are other sections that you can check out for free. The site provides you with both cracked and non-cracked apps, and the developers may change the terms of use at any time.

If you prefer free software than cracked software, then this may be the site for you. Here you will be able to download free software that comes with no piracy. The software section is divided into categories like Game Apps, Web Apps, Utilities, Entertainment, & Education. Most of the

Software piracy has been a headache for the software developer for a very long time. Pirated software often contains viruses that can harm your PC or your collection of software. As if this was not enough, a cracked version of a program also bypasses the restrictions of the program and allow users to use it for free. This may be not an issue if you are on a student budget or just need to try the program without having to buy it but in other cases it can cause you a lot of trouble such as losing your collection or your hard drive which can be very expensive! So I think it is best to be aware of such people who offer such a great service with what they say.

Pirated software is as illegal as buying the original product in the first place. The developers of the software have invested their time, money and resources. By trading in their software for a pirated version, you are essentially trying to steal the money that they have already earned. Software piracy is currently illegal in the United States, Canada and the UK. You might have heard the news that software piracy is also illegal in India. As it is illegal in India it has earned a bad name. Law officials have used software piracy as a convenient catch all when the legislation is unsuitable for anything specific.