Best Site for download IMetaSearch For PC [Updated] ♚

While does not explicitly list pirated software, its sister site, Get Satisfaction does. Your options are to visit Get Satisfaction on its own or to get a referral link from Either way, you can expect to find more or less the same freeware and software that Get Satisfaction offers. (We also have a full review of Get Satisfaction in our Get Satisfaction review .)

If you found a cracked version of a program that you want to remove, you need to run the same steps as you did with the cracked version. Simply click the “Online” button, login with your Google account or Facebook account if necessary, download, install, and then remove the app from your phone.

Some of the downloads don’t appear legitimate, but still spread malware, and some are actually online stores but they are phishing sites. If you download a file that appears to be a PDF, but is really an executable file, it could infect your system with malware.

What to do with all your pirate downloads? Other than keeping your illegal copies safely hidden, you can repurpose them as virtual pirated discs for your computer. But the first step is to create discs that you can use in place of physical discs. This tutorial will show you how to create images of CDs or DVD discs, along with how to burn them. You can install them on your computer or burn them to an external drive so you can make a bootable disc for when you want to share content with others.

While some of the best file hosting services are secure and true to their word, others abuse copyright laws to make themselves the only hosts for whatever files a user chooses to make available. Here are 10 of the worst offenders and how to avoid them when you are looking for legit, free, password protected storage solutions.