Best Site for download Iptables Logviewer [Win/Mac] ❎

Cool Baby is another download site that caters to a wide variety of different users. It provides advanced controls for uploading, images, and videos. One of the big draws here is that you have the ability to use multiple virtual machines or game machines on the same account. But that’s not all that the site offers. It can help you download the Adobe software you need.

Off2Pc is another download site that runs in the background without making you click next. It also offers a really useful plugin that checks web pages for malware, and instantly quarantines, then clears, any malicious links. But Off2Pc’s main catch is the fact it doesn’t filter by software category or manufacturer, so you could end up downloading thousands of toolbars and junk that other download sites don’t allow.

Warez is very similar to Off2Pc in that it checks pages for malicious links. But while Off2Pc keeps software packages intact by deleting them, Warez decrypts and emulates them. Thus, you get the best of both worlds. Warez also offers a popular NFO (Newsgroup Footer) generator. In addition, a lot of people are attracted to the huge collection of games Warez has compiled.

Tuxera is another download site that runs in the background without making you click next. And it can be used with a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more. Even better, it checks web pages for malicious links.

CommonSense Software’s installer is simple and safe, as it does not carry any extra junk or toolbars. What makes it stand out are its download speeds: You can either set the speed to normal, fast or lightning-fast, depending on your internet connection.