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The not-so-bad news about the Pirate Bay is that it lacks any sort of interface. To find which games to download, youll have to sort through them by filetype, category, and the like. You can search for files on the site, but it may take a while to find them, especially if youre on a slower connection. If you want to find a specific game, you may need to search for it on a host like GamersPart, Inc.

As with most other websites, the GamerPart, Inc. website is pretty simple and to the point. The interface makes it easy to find a specific file and download it. Game files can be sorted by type, system, platform, genre, and other categories. Theres also a barcode scanner for quick downloads, but it only works on PC files.

The biggest problem with 1337x is that its information is somewhat out of date. To download files, youll need to put in your username and password and go from there. 1337x is my personal favorite torrent site because it has much more content than the other sites on this list and it has a great interface. For its aged content, though, it can have some problems. 1337x claims to be safe from malware, but it cannot verify that for all users.

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