Best Site for download LTwitter [Mac/Win]

The advantage for this website is that they tell you right away if the cracker works or not. I have yet to have a website in the past crash my computer if I ran a cracker on their site. Other websites demand your username and password so that they can verify if it’s you or not. I am not sure how you can hack an account, but I do know that if it’s that easy then other people will hack it.

Here are the current most popular and updated cracked software links that are visited by many users. Software & version updates from software authors will be posted here so you can get what you need. You can search for name of the software in the search box below and hit the DOWNLOAD button to get the cracked software or simply click on the desired link. Has many popular cracked pc software products of different platforms including Windows. You can use the search box provided to search for particular software and also use the dropdown menu to search for any particular software based on the name or service. Once you found a software you like then you can download it using the download buttons at the bottom of the page.

GoG is a site that is based on a central database of game links that are broken and cracked. You just type in the game name in the search box and hit the search button. You can even use the filters provided on the site to filter the results by platform and service. So you can get only Windows version of a game for example.

21CM! is a website that is quite popular for sharing cracked software. The site contains pages dedicated to giving a custom software or version of a software to its users. This is why it is also called as a community. When you hit the page providing the software, you get one screen with a link to download it from that particular page. While downloading, you will get a message informing you that this file is for educational purposes and you should not pirate the software.