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It is a free file sharing site, that allows users to upload, download and search files in a fast and reliable way. These are large sized torrents, around 3 GB worth. Many computers are already integrated in the client, but extra integration is also possible.Public sharingis as easy as possible: quick installation and registration, piece of cake to import your media files, search for the torrent you want and download without any uploading restrictions.

Just like, it is a search engine for torrents. You search for the software, the network port and the free software version of the torrent you want to download and the search engine returns the torrent files for you to download.

Ported to java and based on Android TV, it is a complete streaming content store. Users can easily search and download hundreds of torrents without having to install any additional software. Searching and downloading torrent files is extremely easy, just one click and you are done.

If your an app developer and would like to distribute your apps on a private repository with more users and showcase your apps to the world, you can do so with a private repository. But still, you have to upload the cracked app separately, that is not within the app downloader app, and thats time consuming. This is where D8 comes to the rescue. For any developer, its almost like installing the app store from scratch.

UnlockSoft Torrent is a free torrent downloader app for android, that allows you to download torrent files from a variety of sources like private trackers and torrent sites. You simply search for the torrent you want, and the app provides the direct download link for you to download.