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The pirate site contain pirated games like GTA IV: Episodes and Desura-Browsed releases. You can download them from here. Once you click the download button the games will be added to your downloads folder.

With the help of a cheat engine, you can unlock all hidden trophies, achievements, features, and multiplayer content in a game. You can find a cheat engine on any popular torrent site. Here is a collection of the best cheat engine on the web.

A pirated site with (i) lots of torrents ( games, movies, etc ), (ii) lots of games (The publisher is Microsoft, EA is also there) and (iii) games ( the publisher is EA), you get the idea. This website is one of the best site to search for cracked Windows games, it offers only 30GB of direct downloads so you cant download everything you want ( ofcourse you can ). It has two websites one of them is a German copy.

Website which was created in 2009. They provide you with almost all the cracked games you can imagine on this website. The website provides you with text ads for almost all the games that are on the website, which by the way, is not really good in my opinion. Also the website does not accept PayPal and does not have a clear legal opinion. But the good thing about this website is that it has the widest range of cracked games. But don’t try to download your favorite game if you don’t know what you’re doing. Find something a little bigger if you want to download a game for example, 100mb or 1GB.

One of the biggest websites on the internet, they have over 1 billion downloads a month, their category is games, movies, applications ( downloads, demo, patches ). Some of the games they provide on this website are cracked. Some of the games are full version. But be careful because they are usually cracked versions ( do not download the cracked version, download the full version ), and they have a lot of negative reviews about them.