Best Site for download Microsoft Visual Studio International Pack (Latest)

KickAssTorrents used to be the best site on our list of the best torrenting sites and it still is one of the best websites to download cracked software. It offers full access to popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Rarbg, etc. It supports all the popular media formats including audio, video, software, etc. for video, download software and games like Minecraft, Counter Strike, etc.

Although TorrentSpy isnt what it used to be, it still is a good website to download cracked software. This site offers access to more than half a million torrent files. It also has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, apps, music, and games. You can easily find a torrent for almost anything. The downside is that its not mobile friendly and some of the torrents are messy, etc.

Mininova is another option for Torrent Downloaders. This site offers access to a large collection of torrents and torrent files. In fact, its a full-fledged torrent search engine with search features like name of the file, time of download, etc. However, Mininova is not as easy to navigate and use as KickAssTorrents.

NitroTorrents is another best torrent site that is one of the oldest sites on our list. It offers full access to more than a million torrents. Moreover, its a great option for downloaders with very slow internet connection. It supports all the major and popular media formats including audio, movies, software, etc. for video and games as well.

Hey what kind of crackers are these guys? Are they not doing something? Are they using the proxies to hide their IP? If they are able to download new cracked torrents and saves them.. What if i were to download one torrents and the site owner catches me? How is this site legal?