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Warezbay is a small group of independent testers, which publishes the results of its work in the form of specialized reviews, analyzing the software downloaded from the site. Warezbay is one of the few web forums where you can download files without restrictions and fully legally.

Medibuntu is a free, community-driven free multimedia packages repository. Medibuntu hosts various Linux-packages and software apart from distributions, it also contains medibuntu-keyring, the GNU/Linux equivalent of the Windows Authenticode codesigning.

Ready-to-use Office suites can help you save several hours or even days a week. You can also use them to free up space on your hard drive by eliminating outdated files. The list includes Office alternatives you can use. The difference between these Office alternatives and the classical Office suite is that they are typically available as fully-featured desktop environments, where the software are hidden. Therefore, an Office alternative is usually a free software.