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Bits and pieces of classic and exotic games and content, in your web browser and on your PC. mp4 Downloaders: Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, Real Media Player, VLC Media Player, etc. But wait, did you think we are referring to youtubes video files? Cool, because we are! But we mean to say that not every video file from youtube is indeed free to watch as some of them are locked. But thats not to say that there are some sites that host free videos. If you search on Google, youtube gives a lot of links to free video sharing sites, which is considered legal if youre on a personal PC and not breaking any copyright laws. And no, just because youre a kid doesnt mean you cant download anything. Its just that most of the time you have to be old enough to actually buy the game in the store or have the right to download it from a legit source. But if youre not and youre ready to download games, movies, software and more, than youd love the following pirated software sites.

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