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If you want to be able to look at text without the original author ever knowing, this site is a great place for you. Thousands of software developers dump their source codes to share with other developers. So theres thousands of cracked software on this website that you can download. Just search the software name, and a list of cracked version will appear!

So theres a reason why I wrote this, thats because I feel that most of the software warez sites are just as useless as the sites on this list. So if youre looking to go from point A to point Z in a short amount of time, dont use any of these sites, just download your cracked version from one of the sites below or use my direct link.

Dont get me wrong Im not saying these are bad sites, what Im saying is that most of them dont really do anything in terms of actually cracking the software. Is that a site thats good or not depends on your opinion.

Their website currently lists about 400 plugins, and every plugin seems to have a working crack also. The add-ons are organized by category and then alphabetically. The add-on catalog in Hammer is more comprehensive, however.

For reasons unknown, I was informed that you cant crack passwords for the security software portion of the site. Then, as I was preparing to crack this site, the site was taken down. What’s a boy to do?

Unzipr and unzlpr are the best resources on the web. They have a good selection of cracked games, software, utilities and freeware, including cracked apps for iphone, ipad, android, windows, mac and PC, and more. Both websites are updated daily and they even provide you a working downloader for crack files.