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Downloading cracked applications has been made considerably easier with the multitude of sites like ModMy apps and EmuApps. These sites feature a wide variety of applications, ranging from a simple calculator to a complex phone management app. How To Download Apps Free

If you prefer cracked Android apps, then you should really be trying the Android marketplace. This is by far the best place to find cracked apps. Since it is a marketplace, there are thousands of apps available from developers all over the world. These apps are all legitimate, since only developers have access to this site, and only a handful of apps can be downloaded through the market. A cracked app, is basically an app that has been modified so that it behaves differently than a standard app. For example, a cracked game might show no ads, have a different interface, free/paid versions available etc. In short, Android apps can be used exactly as they are from a standard app, but the look and feel is different. So, if youre looking for cracked Android apps, the best place to be is the Android marketplace.

Sharing Softwares has been considered one of the best ways to download cracked softwares. Paid/free softwares are never shared, but free software is actually uploaded to sharewares by its users. Upon uploading a free software, the users would add a link, which can be shared with other users. Sharing softwares is the best way to acquire a wide selection of softwares that are cracked. A user would have to simply browse through the types of software available on the sharing softwares site, and download what he or she likes. Sharing softwares doesn’t mean that the softwares are free, however. So, dont expect a free copy of a commercial software when you download a cracked one.