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The users use it on their Ipods and it downloads software in a flash. As of 1st July 2012, New York State Attorney General launched the first legal action against ExtraTorrent, accusing it of sharing illegal copies of musical albums and video games. A jury is still deliberating on its verdict. The site is considered illegal and is being judged and the majority of its users are being sued by the authorities. The people using this torrent site are complaining that they don’t get to download material for free and if they have to pay for it then its too high. Hackers and crackers of the site continue to look for ways to find a way to access the files and download them. Besides that, the site has been cracked before.

The Best torrent websites are very popular, user friendly and have a lot of people uploading and downloading torrent files. They are also have a download manager which helps them add torrents to their download queue. Let us see what else is there in these top torrent sites and how they work.

Kodi is a popular media system that many users are unaware of. We include it on this list as it allows users to create their own custom media center. This removes the need to download a separate software package just to run another media center.

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