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The United States Copyright Office is a huge collection of ebooks for users to download, read and share. The collection of books on this website is made publicly available after being reviewed and tested for its security and compatibility.

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KkKleer is a well-known web portal for eBooks and book torrents. It is different from other sites because it holds the policy for the torrents. Only those links are provided in the site that are not infringing on the copyrights. Here you will be able to find a massive collection of PDF files as well as books. Just select what you need and get started with the download.

This site allows you to download cracked software or games which are copyrighted and come with different viruses. This is a virus free site and you can download the cracked software, games, and other digital items with no issues. It can also be used for OS installers as well. Overall, it’s a very user friendly site.

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