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In this page you can find many cracked software packages and games available for download. Some of them are free, others are commercial. If they are commercial, you will see a price indication. For most cracked programs, you will only need one cracked file, the key. This key is what allows the program to run on your computer.

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This page contains more than just cracked software, but also links to different games, music packs, software tools, videos, software mods, etc. This website is not a download site, so you will have to use an archive extractor to download the files. But, aside from the archive extractor, you will be able to download anything else here. It will be in zip or rar format. You can extract the files manually, but it will take a lot of time. If you have WinRAR, you can use it to extract the files. If you do not have WinRAR, you can use any other zip extractor, though.