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In our opinion, one of the best torrent sites is This site is relatively new and has a good collection of Windows crackers software. However, their downtime for one day during the huge Christmas traffic is usually short. We couldnt find their torrents for a 12-day period, but if you send them an email, you should be able to get the torrents sent to you within one working day. Thats something to keep in mind if youre having trouble downloading your files.

As we mentioned, the best place to start for torrents is the homepage of the site in question. This will usually have all the torrents available for download, including the Windows crackers version. Its good to remember that an official site will have a much bigger selection.

We also tested the official sites of several torrent sites and the results were similar across all sites. Its usually good to use a password that you dont use elsewhere, though. Some sites also offer an option to sign in with your Microsoft account, which again means you have to sign in with a Microsoft account for your Windows crackles to work.

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Could I download cracked apps from an untrusted source, that is using a system not owned by the company I purchased the apps from? Where is a good place to download a hacked android app or game? (like whatsapp)

The most important step that you should do when doing hack android apps is to modify your android device first. You should start downloading cracked apps and games for your android mobile and tablet first.