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Warez are smaller and more discreet, and sometimes even faster than torrents. The trade is not illegal, but it is a grey area: if your copy is legal, you have nothing to worry about. Once you have a warez of a game, watch some trailers, and read some reviews before deciding if you want to download and give it a go.

There are many websites that allow you to make your own movies, music and other media files, they are called torrent sites. Piracy is a sensitive topic and requires one to tread carefully. When searching, you need to select the site wisely. Remember that all the sites listed here can be classified as torrenting sites, and all are illegal. There are sites that exist only to “swap” files and none of them allow torrenting, so be careful.

The Pirate Bay is quite rightly considered the biggest torrent site on the internet. It provides secure encrypted torrents and magnet links that allow you to watch movies, music, games, and more. It’s very safe as the site is designed to be safer than a normal torrent site. It allows searching and you can even upload torrents and see if they are downloaded and seeded by other peers. If you are afraid that your computer may be easily hacked and your login details stolen, then you should definitely use the The Pirate Bay.

Some torrenting sites also provide download servers for videos, music, or any other file. This way, the original data is never downloaded. Instead, these sites offer hosted torrents. When you visit a torrent site, you may see a window which suggests what type of content that particular torrent offers. Some sites offer various types of content such as audio, games, movies, and much more.