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The original version of the software is distributed and sold by the developer. It is made available to the general public. A cracked version is usually created to avoid the original software from being distributed without the author’s permission. It is the same software that is being downloaded from a legit source, but the package that you are downloading is cracked. You need to be very sure that you are downloading a cracked version of a software and not a hacked version. The cracked version will usually have a.exe or a.dmg extension and will be associated with viruses, Trojans and other malware. You will have to install a virus scanner and a good antivirus programme if you download a cracked version.

Software piracy or hacking is the process of creating an illegal copy of a software program (usually a program that is available for purchase) without the agreement of the rightful owner. The author of a software cannot and will never be allowed to release it free of charge. Some companies may offer a free demo of the software. However, this can be a trickery to get you to enter your credit card details. They may sell back the rights to the software or they may continue to sell the software.

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