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The popularity of torrenting has increased over the last few years. Many people like to share games on the internet to find out what other people are downloading. But because of that, its often more difficult for developers to spread their product. Unfortunately, many games on torrent sites might not be working or outdated, but they are great places to find cracked, modded, and legal copies of games. If you want the most recent game, always check that the site youre downloading it from actually has the latest version. They just might not say it on their homepage.

The closest thing to one of these is an App Store, where Apple allows only the games that they approve of (a.k.a the “ What A Game ” app) to be approved to be published on their App Store. However, there are a few drawbacks. Your app must be paid in order to be approved for Apple and the average price for iPhones and iPads are over $200. No more than a small percentage of people pay full price for apps, either. Many pirates prefer to sell the app on their website or iTunes for a discounted price, as well as to sell their games on their own websites.