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Some of the sites we’ve looked at already give you a few options when you click the “Games” tab in the top menu. And you can pick the sort of games you want, and the one of them which interests you most is most likely to be the most popular. PC Gamer is a good site for finding this sort of thing, and more obscure titles also appear on GameSpot, which is a good site for downloading games under a specific type.

Gamesplanet is a great site for downloading free games. There’s lots to look at, with PC games displayed according to type and price. And you can also pick how you want to download games. For example, you can download using Fastest, which downloads your games in the background. is also a great place to download games. The selection is enormous, so this site works best for searching for specific games. You can browse the games that are free to download, and all of them are in clear, intuitive menus. A lot of the games are also available on many other sites, so it’s worth checking them out as well.

Humble Indie Bundle is a site that tries to give away games every month at no cost. You can purchase the bundle for US$10, or just download one game for free. You can choose one or more games in the bundle, and the games can be download in any combination. In the Humble Bundle versions, you get access to the full games’ DRM-free versions.

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