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You can download FREE cracked software for Windows, Mac or Linux from a number of ways. Most of them involve using one of the major programs such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you want to keep the software, you need to make a backup of your credit card or PayPal account information. However, none of these websites you have read are going to ask you for your credit card information. They are going to ask for your email or username and password. Be careful because just like that, you have given up all the safety of any major web browsers.

These websites usually contain links to various cracked software programs. Some are posted as a torrent. Some of them contain software descriptions on what each program is doing. The best place to find cracked software is to browse the internet forums that pertain to the program you are looking to get. Simply search “Cracked Software Forum” and you should get a few results. You can also browse the file sharing and other internet forums that deal with cracked software. Another good resource for learning about cracked software is a search engine.

But why do they need all the money they get? They could probably make a lot more money if they just put up for sale their products. So what they do is enter into a partnership with individuals or groups who want cracked software. These people are called “Cracker Groups.” They pay the Cracker Groups to get hold of the cracked programs and to distribute it to them. They then take a percentage from the sale of the product.

You can surf through to other sites too if you have become disenchanted with the only one listed here. For example, the links you clicked through to get here. So if you need more cracked software download links, just google it. You will get to a variety of sites. I suggest you use a search engine too. Hopefully this post was helpful. If you have suggestions for us, just add your comments. You can even contribute more on this piece of the internet and get credit too. See you next time.