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As stated above, the top 3 sites above are safe and well recommended. Search for ‘Softonic download’ and you’ll find that this site is not an exception. All softwares can be easily downloaded from the homepage.

I very well recommend to you not to buy softwares from softonic. Softonic is very bad and dangerous website. Softonic is not reliable, Softonic website is very dangerous and harmful.
It’s not true and not it is not that easy to install softwares from here. You can’t download anything from here without jumping through a lot of hoops, for example, you can’t download AIM client from here. You’ll have to install manually and download third-party 3rd-party installer that will install AIM client for you. In addition to that, this guide will teach you how to remove softonic system tray icon for safe usage of your PC.

One of the best sites to download cracked software, full version, and games for free, and safe! So, what makes this site different? Well, it’s safe and it’s more popular than other sites. It uses a torrent system to download file, so it requires an active internet connection. In addition, people like the site because it offers a fast and reliable way to download software, and torrent downloads are usually faster than other download methods (magnet links, direct download from server, etc.).

softonic is a site that works much like torrents. Users download software from the site and then share it with other users. When a software is completed, a torrent is created and shared with others to download the software. Softonic also has a clickbait-style “Possible Bug Reports” section where reports of bugs in softonic or software downloaded from softonic will be posted, but if you are concerned about reliability and seek a more secure source then you’ll need to use other sources. Keep in mind that some software on Softonic works fine and is secure, others may be outdated or not safe. Even if a softonic download is slow (the website loads slowly) or even looks malware or is otherwise suspicious then it’s safe to run.