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While our search for cracked software and apps just got better, this online Shop has something no other stores can offer. You dont need to upload an APK file or an ISO. You need to type the details about the software and the number of downloads that it has gotten. How cool is that?

You would think that you have to download cracked software (using a different browser like Chrome) to browse this website that is specific to Android users. But that is not the case because you can browse this website in any browser. And guess what? Most of the software on this website is actually cracked. You must be really shocked right? Here are my reasons.

Theres a lot of online stores for mobile applications. Only very few of them actually offer software that is cracked. This website features many apps that you can either browse or download. Click on “Download” and the Android Market is opened up with the app you are looking for. You wont have to waste your time finding and downloading the application. Just install it and use it on your Android device.

Similar to Snapchat, this site focuses on mobile apps and games. They simply aim to provide a list of the best or trending apps and games on the Google Play Store. They are working hard to provide the best experience with downloads that are all cracked. While they are not the only website to provide games that are cracked, I love the fact that this website is very fair in listing the apps as they do not have any “Premium Accounts”.

Internet Download Manager (IDM) was used by millions of people to download software without any problems. The problem with IDM is that it is one of the most safer download managers available. But this was before IDM started to leak a ton of malware.