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The demo versions of these tools that sell normally, WOULD be the one I suggest for you to use. Its what i used over a year ago and it did all the work for me. It has a demo version you can use for the most part to see what the program can do. Then you can do the pay version of that program once you have a grasp on it. Cain and jtr are also good options. You can find free versions of jtr and Cain on their sites, but i suggest you have them along with a program that helps in cracking but a crack program is needed to get Password cracking going

Okay, first of all a crack software is NOT a game. Most crack software youll find are like WinRAR and Extract here or just open a folder and itll extract a file. No game. Second most crack software is one that you start and it does the work in the background, as in you start it up, it does its thing, you close it down. You dont have to watch it in the background. Third, when you say you want crack software, most of the time you actually mean a game. Most crack software uses password cracking not gamer tricks. Fourth, most crack software in general is not available for free. So again, most crack software wont be on here because thats usually the case. Either you gotta pay for it, or it wont be used in the first place. If it is on the list, it generally means it does it job. Lastly, when you go to crack a game for free, and you say you cracked it for free, then chances are its not really cracked. It is a free crack.

A crack is a tool, it is a program that is designed to crack passwords. Any normal computer user can use a crack software to crack passwords. Most crack software tend to be sold online via specialised download sites. The crack is the tool used to crack passwords, hence the name cracker.