Binksetmemory 8 ^NEW^ Download

Binksetmemory 8 ^NEW^ Download

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Binksetmemory 8 Download

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As a medium/large organization, it is important to have regular meetings with stakeholders and large

As a medium/large organization, it is important to have regular meetings with stakeholders and large number of employees. In this context, I would like to share few design rules that I follow on regular basis.

The first one is using standard operating procedure. In an implementation projects, standard operating procedure is always an area of confusion. Stakeholders often prefer to do things in a way that is ‘better’ than the prescribed operating procedures. While it is okay to break few conventions in a stress situation or in a situation when one has to work outside standard operating procedures, when one has created set standard operating procedures, it becomes important to stick to them.

It is also important to have a team of professionals to prepare a team of working practices based on the standard operating procedure. While a ‘project manager’ would typically prepare a team of people, it is always better to have someone on the team who has experience working in the domain of the working practices you have developed.

The second important is that your team should stick to their set task or their set working practices. In an implementation project, a team would typically be brought in from external vendors. While they will be engaged, it is always good to train them on your established working practices and the design of the project. This would help in making them productive and also help reduce the chances of chaos in the project.

The third important is that team should be as self sufficient as possible. In situations where a project has a number of phases (from project strategy to project close out), it is very useful to have a team that handles each of the phases of the project, so that you save resource and spend more time on the strategic part of the