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jQuery doesn’t work on remote domain (403 Forbidden)

I’ve got a bit of weird problem. I have a weird situation on a big enterprise-based website.
I’ve got a jQuery function that is linked from several pages on the site.
I’ve no-reflected my script – that is, I’ve written it in a way where I don’t use the
tag on the page (everything in a tag.)
I’ve added everything I need to the in that tag, and everything works on the local website (both with desktop Chrome and Firefox).
Unfortunately, this leads to problems when I access that script on the remote website – I get a 403 Forbidden error.
I’m assuming this is some sort of firewall or something, but I’ve no idea how to fix this problem.
I’ve tried reading the client’s page through its (Power)Shell and checking if there are any errors, but the Powershell complains on reading about a certificate that is no longer issued.
I’ll post some of the information about the website and the security on the site here, but I think that it should be enough. Maybe some expert can suggest any possibilities to get around the 403 error and make the script work.
Important: I’ve already tried adding the X-XSRF-Protection header to the page to no avail.


According to the error message, your request is probably (or completely) blocked by IP and port restriction implemented by the web application.
Assuming your client is IT department of the organization,

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