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What Is Photoshop?

The first public beta of Photoshop was released in 1991. Adobe has produced versions since. Photoshop is available as a stand-alone program or as an integrated part of other Adobe programs. Photoshop is also available as part of Adobe Creative Suite, which also includes:

Adobe InDesign: A publishing program

Adobe Illustrator: A vector graphics program, similar to CorelDraw

Adobe Bridge: A centralized file-management tool

Adobe Photoshop is the de facto standard for editing digital images. It is the most-used graphics program in the world. According to Forrester Research, it’s used by 58% of graphic designers worldwide. The industry standard is the Adobe Photoshop CS6.

Why Use Photoshop?

(Including Tips)

Photoshop was initially created for designers and graphic artists to create high-resolution print files. It is the world’s most-used image editing program. It is complex enough to be a full-time job for some graphic designers, and is still relied upon in that capacity.

While it is possible to use Photoshop to create photographic images, it’s better to use software specifically designed for that purpose if your goal is to create high-quality prints.


Professional use


Variety of features

Educational use

Cost-effective in the long term

Able to produce some stunning results


A bit of a challenge for beginners

Photo editing software used for social media

Though it’s definitely more powerful than free online photo editing sites, it’s also less accessible.

The biggest draw of Photoshop is in its power to manipulate digital images. The program is built on what Adobe refers to as the “pixel-based” editing system. It’s simple to use and can be mastered in a few hours.

Photoshop’s layers are used to combine raster and vector images and work on each separately. They are individual objects that may be moved, rotated, scaled or moved, and they can be overlaid and merged. It’s possible to work on a layer all the way from a lower level where the image is divided into various components, through a higher level where less visible layers are combined, to the final, visible level of the image.

Take a look at the image below to see an example of Photoshop’s complexity.

[Click for larger image

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Photoshop Elements is a powerful professional software for editing high resolution photos. From design to photo manipulation, this software offers the user a wide range of creative tools.

The software comes with over 100 tutorials. There are 11 separate design tutorials to help beginners get started.

The full version of Photoshop doesn’t include some of the professional features. Photoshop Elements 18 adds some of the missing features from Photoshop and provides better tools for photographers, graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators.

You can do almost all the editing functions for photos in Photoshop Elements.

It’s easy to use and fast for common tasks. You can start with the most popular Elements experience, “Elements for Beginners” tutorial.

If you want a more powerful tool, or if you want to use the feature that you really need, Photoshop isn’t the right choice. If you use Photoshop and want a simpler and faster tool, Photoshop Elements can help.

Many people make a great living from creating images, and Photoshop gives you access to the tools you need to create your own.

What’s New in Photoshop Elements 18?

Sketch Overlay

You can now do a simple sketch of your image, and Photoshop Elements can draw the lines that you want to use to make it look like the original photo.

Photo Restoration

The software has a new “Photo Fix” feature that allows you to remove dust or scratches on your images.

This feature is still in development, but once it’s finished you’ll get an image that’s just a bit sharper than the original.

Text Effects

You can now use text tools to add effects to text, including shadows, drop shadows, and reflections.

Design Overlay

You can now place design elements on top of your image.

This gives you the option to add text, geometric shapes, clip art, and more.

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom developers can now use Photoshop to create presets that include their edits and settings.

You’ll be able to preview and edit all of the edits on your image.

Green Screen

You can now use your camera to take a photo in front of a green screen.

The software will create a virtual background for your image, which can be used to place text or other design elements on top of the image.

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Ford Transit chassis. Photo: Thomas Whiteside

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He gets paid to plunder and pillage, and has been forced to take on some new jobs. One of the jobs was to find some giant metal structures that is seen on the ocean, and once found, was given a challenge by someone (I’m still working on who) to explore it. He did so, and it led him into the City Of Illusion. If you watch the clip of the Gipsy Knight video, you can see the giant metal cylinders. Some of them are visible in the clip. They are made of the same material as the tree on the City Of Illusion.

I know this is a random find that I have made, and most of the information I found comes from strange places, but this got me thinking. Do you think the building Ford is talking about is one of those metal cylinders? Ford had said that he was going to figure out what those were on the sea, and I think he stumbled on one of the machines. Could be a different one, but it could be one of those giant cylinders.

If you want to watch the Gipsy Knight video, below is the Clips page.


Responsive design Not working on Iphone 5.0.1

I use the following code to apply responsive design to a website for iPhone.

But it is not working on Iphone 5.0.1. Please suggest me is there any solution to this issue.
Thanks in advance.


There are 2 things you can do –
1) You can use media queries to achieve this –
/* Normal style if phone (or other devices) with or without an IPAD – */

What’s New In Download Photoshop Free Full Version Windows 7?

He said it can help you repair a lot of small or medium sized defects, and that it’s faster to use than the Clone Stamp Tool. However, it is not as flexible as the Clone Stamp Tool, because it is very limited in the kinds of things it can copy:

•It’s only able to copy pixels. •If you want to copy texture or shape, it will copy a copy. •Its strength lies in its ability to help replace color, but it can’t really be used to erase or make an image transparent.

If you use the Burn Tool to erase, modify, and change a picture, you can erase and change color with it. If you use it as intended, you can use it to delete part of an image and replace it with a different version of that part. However, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to get the Burn Tool to do what you want it to. Let’s take a closer look at the Burn Tool.

Selecting and deselecting brushes


The Burn Tool gives you four different sliders for you to adjust when you select it. Each of these can be modified individually, so you can make your brush brighter, more expressive, or a little darker. You also have the ability to adjust these sliders as you paint with your brush.


There are four options you can select from when you select the Burn Tool:

LIGHT: This is the default setting. With this setting, the overall brightness of your brush will be increased.

DARK: This decreases the overall brightness of your brush.

BRIGHTEN: This increases the overall brightness of your brush.

GRADIENT: This increases the brightness or darkness of your brush along a gradient of a certain length.

SHARPEN: This increases the sharpness of your brush, making it more detailed.

TEXTURE: This changes the surface of the brush.

WHITE: This gives you white color instead of black.

There are some other options you can enable or disable, including a small version of every sliders in the options bar, plus a choice to work with a user-defined or no standard

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon II X2 or better
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX® 9.0c Compatible GPU and 256 MB VRAM
DirectX®: Version 9.0c or higher
Storage: 4 GB
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible

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