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Gross Profit Margin Calculator is a light-weight and efficient piece of software that enables you to calculate the Gross Profit Margin in a very fast and convenient manner. Working as an accountant, you surely know that gross profit (which is also known as sales profit) calculates the difference between revenue and the cost of creating a product or providing a service. While the cost of goods sold is a variable that refers to the carrying values of goods sold during a specific period of time.
Gross Profit Margin Calculator also aims to ease your work and automatically calculate all the necessary variables that you might need in order to identify the costs associated with particular goods.
Some of the features offered by Gross Profit Margin Calculator includes:
– supports interactive window for cost of goods sold (COGS)
– calculates gross profit for the desired period of time
– reports Income Statement
– reports balance sheet
– reports statements of cash flows
– calculates other margin like operating margin, return on capital, etc.
– supports interactive window for income tax
– calculates specific taxes
– supports interactive window for resale total

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Gross Profit Margin Calculator

◉ Gross Profit Margin Calculator is a cost of goods calculator from a standard of
◉ This program is the top-level accounting and finance
software, meeting the needs of all cost of goods sold/ sales or service business owners
◉ It is an essential tool for cost of goods sold analysis and monitoring
◉ This calculator automatically calculates gross profit margin for a specified period of time
◉ Calculates gross profit margin of a specific product or service
◉ A calculator for COGS of cost of goods sold
◉ Indicates the margin percentage that the business makes on top of COGS
◉ Calculates taxes and deductions automatically, based on a specified margin
◉ Allows you to estimate the COGS amount, based on a particular margin
◉ Allows you to estimate your profit margin, based on the COGS
You can run this program on Windows x64 edition or Windows x86 edition.
* Refer the Notes for install and configuration
# About the COGS: Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) is the amount of money you pay for the
raw materials used to create your business or service. It includes the cost of purchased
raw materials (or work-in-process) plus the direct and indirect materials, other than
raw materials, needed to make the product. For example, if you build a product, you will
record expenses for office supplies, marketing, labor, and so on. COGS is also
sometimes called sell-in costs or incurred costs.
# About the Profit margin: Profit Margin is the difference between selling price and COGS.
For example, if you sell a product for $100, and the cost of materials or production
is $10, the profit margin is $90.
# About the cost of goods sold: Cost of Goods Sold or COGS is the total cost of the goods
or service sold during a specific period. For example, if you sell product X for $100 and
$10 of materials costs and the business turns a profit of $90, the COGS is $100.
# About the Gross profit margin: The Gross profit margin is the profit that you make over
the COGS.
For example, if you sell product X for $100 and $10 of materials costs and the
business turns a profit of $90, the gross profit margin is $10.
# About the margin percentage:

What’s New in the Gross Profit Margin Calculator?

– Simple, easy to use and efficient Gross Profit Margin Calculator software
– Calculates Gross Profit Margin
– Simple statistics
– Provides guidance regarding utilization of profits
– Allows exporting the output in various formats.
Calculates Gross Profit Margin from Cost Of Goods Sold

Calculate the Gross Profit
This software generates the tables that contain information regarding the cost of goods sold, the amount of total sales and the gross profit margin.
With Gross Profit Calculator, users can generate a sortable table that contains the following information:
– Total sales
– Total costs
– Profit margin
– Gross profit

An Excel format report can be generated. Using the generated report, one can understand the profit margin in detail.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
COGS is the sum of all direct expenses (direct labor, direct materials) and all indirect expenses (indirect labor, indirect materials) that are required to manufacture or to provide a service.

A table containing the COGS entries can be generated using this software.

Gross Profit Margin
Gross Profit Margin is the amount of net profit that a company earns on its sales.

Gross Profit Margin is calculated by subtracting the Cost of Goods Sold from the total sales or revenue.

Gross Profit Margin Table

In this Gross Profit Calculator example, we calculate the Gross Profit Margin on a total of 10 pieces of pizza. In the process, we have used the most recent average cost of production including direct and indirect labor costs.

Step 1. Enter the total sales

Step 2. Enter the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Step 3. Enter the Profit Margin

Step 4. Calculate the Gross Profit

Your results will look like this:

This example shows how the Gross Profit Margin, which is the net profit for a certain period of time (1 year), may be calculated. The same formula is used for calculating the Gross Profit Margin on a daily basis.

Gross Profit Margin Table
In this Gross Profit Calculator example, we calculate the Gross Profit Margin on a daily basis by entering the total sales on each particular day. In this case, the COGS is equal to 100.00$ per day.

We have used the same example as the previous example, except here we have calculated the Gross Profit Margin on daily basis. Our results look like this

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