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The situation with auto-traslator torrents has been a bit muddled up, but currently you can download Anime by using a Google Chrome browser, and then just share a link to your peers on the site, or use the green button, which is in the top right-hand corner of the main screen. The method is fairly safe, but I would recommend downloading the torrent manually and then sharing a link to your friends.

You can download Microsoft Office by pressing Descargar and then typing in your key. You can then proceed to right-click and share the torrent file. Keep in mind that using a software from Microsoft is not legal, so if youre not sure whether or not you have an official key, don’t use it. This is also a good option for newbies who don’t feel confident to do it manually. When you open the file from your desktop, it will have a small icon on the bottom right-hand corner, which will guide you through the installation process.

Copy the key and password of your cracked license. After downloading the file, you just have to press the ‘Install’ button (don’t forget to select the right language and install in in the background). Now you can start using the program. Many cracked programs are available in the Premium version too. For example, the version of VLC will cost you $6.77 (UK), while the 30 day trial version of CCleaner costs just $2.24. Other example: conky will cost you just 49 pence for the 30 day trial, and $16.25 for the full version.

This site isn’t exactly the most reliable, but if you want to download cracked software, its one of the better ones out there. Just make sure you look out for the RIP button along with it. Once you click on it, it will start downloading for you automatically. You can pick your game download from all of these links: