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NEED ANYONES HELP Ive been using express vpn modified (unlimited free trials) thats no longer working anywhere if someone has a working version please send me the info.Also if you can recommend a different modified VPN that allows torrenting without having to make a account. Need one easy to use as im no expert so lets complicated the better desperately need. Please send me any links to download

Need help with what to choose. I have a old computer that has a lot of computing power but very slow internet speed. Should I go with the I5 or I3 processor? Also how much should I pay for the RAM. 512 MB or 2GB or 4GB? My internet speed is 5.5 Mbs. I will be only downloading for a few hours a day. Whats the best Windows and Linux OS? I really dont know what I should get. If you could help, Im all ears, thanks