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If the service is anything to go by, you can instantly tell if an app is legit or fraudulent. Some services will ask you for a secure link to share, or will offer one for you to paste in. If you do find an app that seems suspicious, don’t download it, as they can be full of malware. Google Play is a safe haven for Android apps, as developers regularly rate and review apps. You can also filter out potentially dodgy apps by ratings, and if you suspect one of your other apps has been compromised, you can use the built-in security tools to restore it. ModMyi suggests adding Google Play Protect to your apps to prevent this, and check out the Android Authority article for more information.

We suggest sticking with the sites mentioned above as they will be always be a safe bet. However, if you are looking for a particular service or site, check out our list of best gaming sites for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. There’s something for just about everyone.

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