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Beware of fake websites on internet. There are many sites which fake to download cracked apps. They promise you to share the right file. But they just want to steal your data and sell them. A simple trick to find out the right or Fake site is: Try to download the file from Google as well as others search engines and try to see their source. It will tell you whether you are downloading from a trusted site or not.

This is a site with a lot of action. You can watch movies and listen music. You can download music for free in very fast speed. It doesn’t have ads, but there is no survey, too. You can register an account and upload your files. You can also use chat if you want to.

Hola…ehm…hello…Helo friends i have been looking for a site like this since i was a kid, it seems that its getting harder and harder to find a site like this with no ads. Anyways i found this site and it uses a viewer not a downloader, so my question to you guys is when will we be seeing a site similar to this?

TurboTwin is an automatic toolkit for Windows to Mac conversion that allows users to run Mac software on Windows OS X, including iPhone, iPad and even Mac apps like iTunes, Mail, Spotlight, Finder, etc. It supports Mac programs such as Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition and many other. Simply download the.exe file for your Mac from the internet and run it to convert the necessary software on your computer.

Folx is a bootable, universal disk created to run 32bit and 64 bit files on the System 76/Mercury Helix. You can also download operating systems, install software and use other Windows applications.