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The email servers these guys list have just about every major email in the world. Just list the servername with the a-record for the domain then ignore the record look for an MX record that points to your IP address list that IP address in the A record for that server. If you get 1000 or so mails then everything is cool its probably someones spam server.

Use Proxifier to find out which proxy server currently is using all the bandwidth at any given moment. Your computer will be able to download for free at a very high speed if all that bandwidth can be directed to your hard drive. In Firefox, type about:config in the address bar then press Enter. This will open a text file in the browser. Find under the network section. Change the value from true to false. List Of Top 10 Cracked Software Download Sites

You will need to be careful when downloading cracked software from the internet. There are many sites that offer cracked software for free or cheap but if the crack is from a cracked package then you might not know what you are getting. Someone who cracks open a program can change it so it does not work properly. Some programs can be downloaded legally if you purchase them for a price of course but you must pay attention to your software before you install it. Always read all the legal terms that you are accepting when downloading. It is advisable that you do not install cracked software on your own computers or you might be labeled a pirate and your internet connection might be cut off or your computer files might be deleted.

Gets updates all the time. and it does support dvd and a lot of other disk images, just need to change the network.proxy.autodetect settings in the about:config file and you can download password crackers for free. Yep the same thing applies to download, at least for a while. I do not know if they still have the site online or not though.