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Although most of these sites have turned illegal, we still recommend some of these sites. These torrent sites are usually not the biggest sites, but some of the most popular ones, which we feel are best options for users.

We tested out most of the torrent sites and they all worked flawlessly. After doing a lot of research, we compiled a list of the best sites to download illegally. We only included sites that use P2P technology to share files, and that offer a free torrent or magnet link to download them. Sites that force you to use a premium or ad supported service are not included in this list.

There are thousands of torrent sites on the web that promises to showcase the latest TV show, movie, or game online. However, there are not enough sites who make it to our list of best torrent sites out there. Not to mention these sites are often hosted on compromised and unsafe servers. In most cases, it is best to avoid these sites unless you are a seasoned developer. For the others, we include a fair warning and a list of top sites that are more reliable.

BitTorrent for Android was great when it was first released. We were so excited to try it out that we downloaded and installed it immediately. Unfortunately, though, BitTorrent stopped supporting the app back in July 2018.

1337X is great for all those who are interested in a bit of everything like games, movies, books, TV series, etc. The well-developed UI makes it easier for users to search and download book torrents. Do you know who ran this torrent site The Fans! Yes, after some years the creators are running out from this torrent site. Now it was fully maintained and updated by the fans and users itself. It gets updated like every other torrent site.