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As is the case with most free downloads, it’s best to download from the official website if you can. That way, you know you’re getting an executable that won’t try to install unwanted junk on your PC. (Although, there’s always a chance an unofficial version will get downloaded, too.)

Using a torrent is another good option. As well as being encrypted, the data comes in discrete chunks which makes it easy to determine exactly how much is being sent. If you’re downloading a large file — say, a game, for instance — you’ll want to use the torrent file option. We recommend installing the Transmission torrent client, which is available for Linux, OS X, and Windows.

Click Manage > Windows Update Click the Check for updates button. Click the More details button to see the latest updates. If the check for updates dialog box closes, verify that Windows Update is enabled on your PC. To verify whether your PC has Microsoft Update disabled or is behind a firewall, you can enable Windows Update again or visit the Microsoft Update Web site. Enable Windows Update to check for updates. Note: After you download your Windows Update, you will not be able to visit the Windows Update Web site for the next 30 days. Download Windows 11 to your PC and then install it. Check the Windows 11 installation media and All other operating system software tabs to make sure that those components are installed as well. If you need to install these components at the same time, start Windows Explorer and then run the installation command with the same options you specified when downloading Windows. Note: The Windows 11 installation USB or DVD installation media is different from the Windows 10 installation media you downloaded. For example, to install Windows 11, you must insert a Windows 11 installation USB or DVD drive before you start Windows 10 installation. If you installed Windows 10 on a computer without Windows 10 installation media, you can install the operating system using a Windows 10 installation DVD. This method is similar to installing Windows 11, except you use Windows 10 to start Windows 11 installation. Note: If you install using Windows 10 installation media, you will not be able to use Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 to start Windows 11 installation.