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P2P fans out there can use the Shareaza web browser extension to search for free eBooks online. This is among the best ways to download ebooks using this browser. However, the website doesn’t host any books, only files uploaded by users online. Also, Shareaza doesn’t have a lot of search capabilities other than simply finding torrents. However, a new search feature is being introduced soon with the possibility of adding filters such as Site Name, Title and Category in the future.

Open Library has a good amount of ebooks to download from. It was founded in 2008 and provides over 2 million high-quality ebooks and audiobooks to download. You can access Open Library from nearly all devices, including your mobile phone. The site is pretty much straight forward, showing books by authors and also shows reviews as well.

BitTorrent users are no strangers to the term Torrent. The first of its kind was invented back in the year 1997 and it gave birth to a new revolution in the digital world. You can now download torrents using a web browser or a desktop client. Most torrent sites enable you to download torrents for free but to be honest, you get very little options. To add more to your experience, we have come up with a list of 10 best websites to download torrents in 2020.

These sites were chosen for 3 reasons; they provide an incredible user experience, they cater to a wide range of people and finally they have most of the essential features. It will also be interesting to see how and what these sites will become in the near future. Other sites might appear, this list will definitely stay relevant for a long time. Now let us take a look at the best torrent sites of all time.