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The Pirate Bay were constantly raided and prosecuted at different points in time, from filing of a lawsuit , to victory in lower courts. While it failed to stop the blockade of the Pirate Bay, the site continued to earn the number one spot on the list of the best torrenting sites

What is Torrent (TPB), as the name suggests, it’s an acronym for The Pirate Bay. This site is regarded as the best torrent site in the world, though its been a bit turbulent recently. The site is not your typical torrent website, it can be found in the form of a Chrome extension and also can be downloaded as a program on your phone or tablet. It lets you save torrents to your hard drive, and can even load different torrent files at the same time.

Mininova or MDNova, is a search engine engine for torrents or P2P (peer to peer) file-sharing software. Mininova is a legal torrent site and is based in the Netherlands but is accessible all over the world including Australia, Britain, and the US. Mininova allows to search for torrent files, to add them to your download list, and to save the files to your computer. It also has a section where you can make comments and rate torrent files.

EPUB Reader is an online e-book reader that has some strong points. For starters, it allows you to download e-books on any device: desktop, tablet and smartphone. Secondly, it can be accessed without an internet connection, making the online option a real treat for those who have an uninterrupted internet connection and therefore a little problematic. Thirdly, it allows you to download the e-book to your computer or smartphone.