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First of all, you need to select a torrent site that your ISP will not block. There are many ways to do this. Here are three:
1. Select the torrent site that best matches your needs, such as daily update or weekly.
2. Select one with an embed friendly torrent. In this case, you can just copy the video link URL directly into your browser address bar. This will give you a prefect embed.
3. Use the Direct Download link option. This option is best used if the video doesnt have an embed friendly version. If it has one, youll get that option as well.

It is so nice to have this one site for all types of software instead of visiting several forums just to look for information. But not all sites are created equal, and you will have to take note of some of the pros and cons of individual sites in the next section to find out which is best for your needs.

You can get assistance from a few unofficial sources, some of which are mentioned here, if you want to check for a minimum version or to see if an additional file is provided:
1. A forum or a discussion board for the product itself. Keep in mind that most
forums are moderated, so you have to be patient, dont make threats against the site administrators or users, be polite and wait for an answer.
2. A site that lists or marks available torrent links. This one is more of a second option because a lot of times the website may slow or stop at some point
in the future. You can still search for a torrent here. You can also search for specific software or another category,
such as a specialized site that has a genre of one of your favorite software. Example: Tekken 6, Rock Band, etc..
3. An outdated torrent tracker site.