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P2P downloaders, particularly those who jump to torrent files from an ad-sponsored web page, have often underestimated the power of anti-ad solutions. Regulators and media companies are much less opposed to an ad blocker than they once were. Of course, they still hate them so much that they go after the site that hosts the torrent itself, and not the torrent. But it may not always be that simple to identify the direct source of a piece of software, as the site could simply be a file host that hosts many files (such as Rapidshare, or Mega), not necessarily the source.

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Best goes to BlueStacks, the most popular windows emulator. Why? It simply works, it’s easy to use, and is a good size to download at about 1.2g. Not to mention if you have slower connections, blueStacks is a lot more stable, and faster than most other apps for android.

Sites like these are great for grabbing ROMs, Emulators, etc. Downloading an emulator from these sites also allows you to run games from many platforms. And because they are downloading from a ROM database, the site will not be affected by malware issues, unlike a file host. Then again, you’re downloading from the source, so your best bet is to stay vigilant of the site. Otherwise, check out one of the best Rom databases we covered before, and remember: mirroring other sites can sometimes be safer than going to one.