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If you are an avid reader and a new reader, you should know about reading in general, and not only on cracking . For the newbies, the general procedure to find and download an e-book involves downloading the official Kindle app on your smartphone or tablet, and then downloading eBooks directly from Amazon onto your device. However, some of the eBooks may also be available through other sites, such as Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, Apple iTunes, Google Play, or even the house of the book.

This website actually contains thousands of free Android books to read offline. You can download them directly to your Android device or you can download them to your computer and then transfer them to your phone.

PC World is very useful for those who want to read ebooks. You can download a vast variety of books and it has a subscription service too. This service allows you to save up to a maximum of 30 books and enables you to read them offline. You can save up to 5 books in a profile and it costs you just $4.99 monthly.

The Nintendo eShop is a unique site owned by Nintendo that allows users to buy and download games and other Nintendo-related products. The site is so unique because you can download games directly from the site, without the need to join the eShop on the Nintendo servers. The site also has a very engaging iOS and Android apps that you can download and use with your iOS and Android devices, respectively.

Innotek GmbH is the most popular P2P site on the planet, and it has been so for a very long time. The site boasts of over 8 million users and a vast collection of free films that are in high definition. It also has an extensive list of television shows, music, games, and eBooks. Sometimes, it even links to popular sites like Youtube and Imgur (for photos and videos), Torrentz (for downloading torrents), and BitTorrent Tracker (for finding torrents).